A Makeover Story: Beautiful Balayage


The Consultation

Rachael is in college and gets her hair done twice a year. She originally asked for a balayage but what she received was an ombre’. She felt her previous stylist wasn’t in tune to what she wanted and she was right.. Balayage is french for hair painting and it takes time because it’s completely customized to you. It’s a fantastic way to create softness and the grow out is not obvious which means you don’t have to run back for a touch up. However, if you want to keep it up, you can easily get it touched up with some balayage around your face. This keeps it bright and light and beautiful.


Flat Iron Prepares for Cutting

Rachael has a ton of hair and it was Crystal Gail status!! Of course she didn’t know who she was so we found a picture of Crystal holding her hair in front of her and it was to the floor. We had a good laugh.


Look At All The Hair!

Here is a quick shot of all the hair. Instead of spending time coloring hair she was going to cutoff in the end, I started with a cut. Like I said - she had a ton of hair!


After The Cut

Once her hair was freshly cut and flat-ironed, she had some beautiful color but it still wasn’t exactly what she wanted as an end result. But this is a really good example of just how much impact a haircut alone can be. Sometimes you don’t need a complete overhaul to get a fresh and find your beautiful.


That Smile!

This is exactly the end result she wanted and the excitement of her face says it all. It took us six and a half hours to create this look. I painted her hair creating a highlight, lowlight and midlight all in one section. This gives dimension and a gradual transition in color making it very natural looking. Have you ever taken a look at children’s hair? They are such an inspiration for me, this is what their hair does naturally and unfortunately as we get older our hair changes. The good news is, I can create a custom look for you as I did for Rachel.


Look At That Dimension

Take a look at the balayage color design here. You can clearly see the transition achieved with low-lights fading to mid-lights and fading into highlights. Absolutely beautiful and natural looking.


Gorgeous & Beautiful

Rachel was so excited when we were finished. She’s glowing and her hair is gorgeous. Rachel finally was able to have her hair just the way she wanted it. It’s very important to have a thorough and thoughtful consultation where the guest and stylist are on the same page. When this happens the results are amazing! Be your own kind of Beautiful…