How to: Eliminate Frizzy Hair


Curly or straight frizzy hair is no fun!

If you’ve been fighting frizz in the humid days of summer you’re not alone. Our hair changes from season to season and curly/wavy hair is the most evident of that change. It can be frustrating when all you want is to have frizz free hair but it’s glaringly obvious that you don’t. We live in New England so we never know what we’re going to get weather wise so let’s dive in to some possibilities for a frizz free do no matter your curl pattern or texture.



Scheduling a treatment in the salon is always a great way to boost your at home regime. Kevin Murphy’s Treat Me line is amazing helping to create moisture, softness and shine according to what you need and hair type. They also have corresponding at home treatments to keep your hair up to par. Using a treatment at home like J Beverly Hills Masque for 20 to 30 minutes on damp hair will work wonders for your tresses. You can also use a cap and zap it with a blow-dryer to add heat and push it a bit further into your cuticle. You can also use Masque as a base for styling, it will give you the moisture your hair is craving while giving you shiny, soft hair. Comb it through from root to ends preventing waste and uneven application fully treating your bleached, dry or fizzy tresses with your treatment. You can layer your styling products knowing you’ve added to the health of your hair first.


Knowing your hair type is key

It’s always difficult to know what to use when picking out products. Sometimes we can find that one product that doesn’t make sense for our hair but it works. Don’t fix what isn’t broken is what I always say but if you’re wondering what products to use we’ll break it down here. If you’re using heat at all don’t forget your heat protectant like J Beverly Hills Thermotect. Most of these products can be used on straight hair as well.

Fine to medium textures… Platinum Volume shampoo and conditioner for some moisture while not weighing your fine hair down. You can use a detangler or a leave in conditioner for a moisture base layering a mousse or a gel over to create hold and definition. You can also use a Leave-in conditioner is a great way for any texture to protect their hair in the water or at the beach. Apply to damp hair, comb through and let the water take you.

Medium to course textures… Depending on density and moisture needed Fragile shampoo and conditioner is great for medium and Control shampoo and conditioner is for course unruly out of control hair that needs to be tamed. J Beverly Hills 5 in 1 is always my favorite go to for any hair type. A leave-in styling cream offering the five benefits of shine, moisture, strength, de-frizz, and heat protection, now who doesn’t want all that? Pairing it with revive platinum coconut oil is always a win. Using a curl creme over Masque or 5 in 1 is sure to give you the proper moisture/hold balance. Remember to comb through all your products layering on top of each other or mixing in your palm before application.

Allow your hair to dry naturally after scrunching (not rubbing) your hair dry with a towel. Then apply your products being careful to comb your hair where you want it and not touch it until it’s dry. The more you touch curly hair when it’s wet the frizzier it will get. When it’s dry you can move it and pull your curls down for length while separating any curls to create fullness and an even flow. You may also use a diffuser which simulates the natural drying process by just allowing heat to flow though and not air preventing the hair from moving around and frizzing. Diffuse at an angle for an upward flow of heat. You may also clip with bobby pins or suspend your hair on top of your head to help create more volume. When fully dry move your curls where you want them then take you hands and slide them under massaging your scalp and gently lifting your hair off your scalp. Scrunch in more creme or some oil and you’re ready for what awaits you.

Twisting your curls after applying your product is another way to create and tame your curls giving you another option in styling. Apply your product as stated above and comb through giving yourself a part or no part. Watch your curl pattern when choosing a section and twist while pinching all the way down. You can also create big sections to break apart later if you want to change your curl pattern or size. After a long day at work you can take Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again and twist any dry curls that have become unruly creating soft, shiny and defined curls again.


Frizz free curls for up to 3 Months

It’s no surprise there’s a myriad of straightening treatments for curly hair but have you ever heard of just removing your frizz and keeping your curls? Brazilian Blowout can do just that up to three months frizz free which is practically the whole summer. Brazilian Blowout is amino acid based and not a straightener it’s a defrizzer. There are instances where you can obtain straighter hair but the process is different when keeping curl. The product is applied and dried the same in all scenarios, the difference is in the amount of passes with the flat iron and the heat setting is much lower than when creating a straighter look. After investing in this service it is strongly recommended to protect your investment by using the Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioner to keep adding all that defrizzing goodness extending your anti-frizz campaign on your hair. It can’t get any easier than that!

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