How To: Keep your summer hair bright

As summer approaches lightening our hair is only natural. We want to look and feel like summer.   However, when we lighten our hair, we often expose our underlying pigments.  Stylists will suggest toning your hair to combat and even-out those unwanted tones in the hair.  

All hair color shifts and changes, even natural, especially in the sun.  

Blonde hair is susceptible to the sun accelerating the lightening process it many also become brassy and can even collect green tones from swimming.  Dark hair can lighten too and is more prone to brassy, red tones.  

How do we ensure our beautiful summer hair stays that way?

1. Wear a fun summer hat or scarf.

2. Use a leave in conditioner before going in the pool or ocean. We especially love J Beverly Hill's 5 in 1 or Kevin Murphy's un.tangled that has UV protection built right in.

3. Use a swimmer’s shampoo after you hit the pool. We love Malibu’s Swimmers Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner that is specially formulated to rid your hair of any chemicals.

4. If you have blonde hair, we love Kevin Murphy’s Blonde Angel. You want to use this as-needed to remove any brassiness you see popping into your color to make the blonde cool again.

IF you end up with green-tinged hair, do not worry! We offer an in-salon treatment that will take out the copper and iron and bring your hair back to beautiful.