How to: Recreate Old Hollywood Glam


Hollywood Glam

We all know that waves and curls were most definitely in fashion in the Old Hollywood days. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Rita Hayworth sported perfectly groomed and coifed curls!

While you can replicate this look using a hot curling iron, it's far gentler on your hair if you go old-school and use a set of rollers.

You can experiment with different sized rollers to see which type of curl or wave suits you best. It's best to pop your hair into rollers while it's a little bit damp rather than bone-dry: this will help your finish curls to hold their shape.


Everything Old is New

Don’t forget in the days before Vidal Sassoon it wasn’t about how the hair was cut, it was how it was styled. Women went weekly to get their coifed curls done they typically didn’t do it themselves. However you choose to style your hair remember product is your best friend. Oh and remember those double barrel curling irons from the 90s? You can use those to create a simple but glamorous finger wave. Depending on your skill set use your fingers, brushes to move your curls where you want them. Don’t be afraid to move them around, if you’ve done a good set they will stay. After creating your glam look use your hairspray to keep it in place. After a day or two try putting your hair up and most importantly have fun!

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